Pataka Group

CMD Message of Pataka Group

CMD, Pataka Group, MD, GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute

GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute, the first of its kind in Eastern India was conceptualized with the present and future of Diabetes in mind. India is unfortunately destined to become the Diabetes capital of the world very soon. It is said in medical parlance that if you have is Known Diabetes" then there will be "No Diabetes:" The hospital aims to provide comprehensive services under one roof for diabetic care including all complications of Diabetes as well as standard hospital care for associated diseases in diabetic patients. Equipped with modern technology, experienced staff and reputed doctors, the hospital also aims to reach out to wider areas of Bengal and beyond, with education, to improve community care of diabetes. One section of the hospital is subsidized for the economically challenged populace, where Out-patient as well as In-patient services are provided at very nominal and affordable rates. Long-term membership facilities are also available, given that diabetes is a chronic systemic disease with no cure but where good control improves quality and quantity of survival. Diabetes is the biggest 'silent' killer in the world today -the hospital declares to fight it on all fronts.

Mission of Pataka Group for GD Hospital

India is soon to become the Diabetes capital of the world with a diabetic population of 70 million by 2025. Keeping this in mind, Pataka Group has assembled the finest talent in medicine, doctors, nurses, technicians and professionals from a wide spectrum. of functions. They are backed up by state of- the-art facilities and support infrastructure. Pataka seeks to make healthcare available to all and in pursuit of our people centric philosophy, we will set up a chain of GDHDI healthcare units that will take affordable healthcare to the grassroots ad establish GDHDI as a brand that stands for universal healthcare.