Board Message - Voice from Our Heart

Chairman, GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute

Diabetes is now the world's fourth leading cause of death by illness, and the global epidemic shows no signs of abating. This is equally true for India. The diabetic population is estimated to be around 72.3 million as per data in 2017 - the issue has achieved topmost status around the world today. The modern chorus of this century's rising prevalence is explained by genetic predisposition and unacceptable lifestyle of Indians. As the "Diabetes" epidemic grows in size and complexity, there is an increasing realization that physicians alone are unable to provide 'Quality Care' required for people affected with diabetes. To help them live life to the fullest, the dream of Mustak Hossain coming up with a hospital, GD Hospital &Diabetes Institute has become a reality. The state of-the-art hospital is unique in eastern India, where range of services from prevention & treatment to rehabilitation of diabetes can be ensured with the help of experts from different fields of medical science at affordable prices.